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Which cocktail is better

  • Bloody mary
  • Bloody mary
  • Bloody mary
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Still my favorite cocktail

What I enjoy during a Friday lunch ;-).
Basic Cocktails - Ode To The Old Fashioned
Basic Cocktails - Ode To The Old Fashioned YouTube
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Sharing one of my favorite recipe sites

Smitten kitchen is an awesome blog for cooking and baking. Occasionally, there'll be great cocktail recipes, too. That's my recommendation for today!

Drinks – smitten kitchen
Drinks – smitten kitchen
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Best drink ever?

  • Old fashioned
  • Negroni
  • Daiquiri
  • Manhatann
  • Whiskey sour
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Which is better?

  • Bloody Mary
  • White Russian
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Fall Drinks?

PSL? More like Bourbon Spiced Latte.
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Hello baby

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Black cat?

Great name. Has anyone ever had this drink?

I’ll listen to the Janet Jackson song while I drink it.
Black Cat Cocktails Wiki
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It seems nobody online knows truly how to make the greatest blackout beverage of all time, SKIPPY!
Real SKIPPY! consists of:
15 natty lights
1 handle of Burnett’s pink lemonade vodka( or straight doesn’t matter too much)
A tub of country time pink lemonade mix
1 2-liter of sprite
A bottle of cheap champagne- optional
You mix all the ingredients together in a 5 gallon Gatorade cooler. When pouring in the carbonated ingredients, pour them down the side to avoid losing carbonation. Don’t add ice to the mix you’ll water it down. Pour it over ice to chill it.
If you want to get blackout drunk in half the time you can beer bong SKIPPY! it goes down smooth like it’s not even there.
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I'm not so good with cocktails, can you tell me some cocktails with vodka? Thanks
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Rate my cocktails
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Am I crazy for loving Gin and Tonics?

I know these are technically mixed drinks and not cocktails, but I love gin and tonics and find this article hilarious:
Gin and tonic fans are more likely to be psychopaths, study finds
Gin and tonic fans are more likely to be psychopaths, study finds NY Daily News
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Porto rox

Any porto fans here?
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