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About Crème de violette Edit

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Crème de violette, also known as liqueur de violette, is a generic term for a usually-French liqueur with natural and/or artificial violet flower flavoring and coloring with either a brandy base, a neutral spirit base, or a combination of the two. A noted brand is Benoit Serres Liqueur de Violette, though it remains very difficult to find -- even in France. The Benoit product has a neutral spirit base to which is added a smaller portion of Armagnac. It is often used as a substitute for the no longer available Creme Yvette.

The rarity of Crème de violette appeared as a plot element in an episode of The Avengers (TV series) entitled "Two's A Crowd".

There is also a Dutch liqueur by the name of Crème de Violette, amethyst in color, perfumed and flavored with essence of violets.

Cocktails made with Crème de violette Edit

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