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There are six Pimm's products, all of which are Fruit cups (pre-mixed fortified liqueurs), only Cups N°1, N°3 and N°6 are still available. The essential difference among them is the base alcohol used to produce them:

  • Pimm's N°1 Cup is based on gin and can be served both on ice or in cocktails. It has a dark tea colour with a reddish tint, and tastes subtly of spice and citrus fruit. It is often taken with "English-style" (clear and carbonated) lemonade, as well as various chopped fresh ingredients, particularly apples, cucumber, oranges, lemons, strawberry, and mint. Pimm's is also mixed with champagne (or a sparkling white wine), called a "Pimm's Royal Cup". It is 25% alcohol by volume.
    • Also available as a pre-mixed hard lemonade (Pimm's & Lemonade) in 250 ml cans or 1-litre bottles, at 5.4%.
  • Pimm's N°2 Cup was based on Scotch whiskey. Currently phased out.
  • Pimm's N°3 Cup is based on brandy. Phased out, but a version infused with spices and orange peel marketed as Pimm's Winter Cup is now seasonally available.
  • Pimm's N°4 Cup was based on rum. Currently phased out.
  • Pimm's N°5 Cup was based on rye whiskey. Currently phased out.
  • Pimm's N°6 Cup is based on vodka. It is still produced, but in small quantities.

Recipes Edit

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