For pistachio-infused bourbonEdit


To make pistachio-infused bourbonEdit

  1. Use a jar with a tight-fitting lid
  2. Add the bourbon and pistachios and shake
  3. Refrigerate for 1-2 weeks, shaking lightly every two days
  4. After two weeks, discard the pistachios by straining through a sieve, then again through cheesecloth
  5. Add 2 oz simple syrup and shake. Remember to taste-test and this point; you might want to add a little more syrup.
  6. Keep the liquor refrigerated

To make the cocktail:Edit

  1. Combine the Dumante or homemade liqueur with the sour mix in an Old fashioned glass
  2. Stir or shake and garnish with a cherry

Hint: Instead of a maraschino cherry, you might try a bourbon-marinated fresh cherry


  1. The pistachios should be roasted, uncolored, unsalted, shelled, peeled and chopped; yes, ALL of them; raw pistachios can be dangerous, red dyes, shells and the inner peels can be bitter and salt is just plain wrong.

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