aka Annette

  • I live in San Francisco
  • My occupation is Director of Programming, Lifestyle at Wikia
  • I am Female
  • Acardwell415

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Annette from Wikia, and I'm working on a fun program upcoming around designing the ultimate Mad Men Cocktail Party menu.

    Here's the idea:

    • Wikia would create a post that asks users from around Wikia to nominate their favorite cocktails in four categories and one hors d'oeuvres item. This would likely be hosted on the Mad Men Wiki .
    • We post the recipes for the cocktails and food in Top 10 lists, asking people to vote up the recipes they love most.
    • After voting closes, we on the Wikia staff will prepare the final menu of five items and then serve those drinks and dishes to Wikia's San Francisco office team! We promise to take photos. 
    • We'll also ask any Wikians who host their own party (particularly if you host a Finale party) to p…
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  • Acardwell415

    No Oscar Party menu is complete without cocktails! This year, instead of serving the same old drink lineup or simple champagne, why not consider serving up all of these amazing cocktail recipes that are all inspired by the 2013 Best Picture nominees, and let your guest drink to their favorite pick.

    Cocktail: The Diplomatic Escape

    This drink is inspired by the Canadian ambassador from the film as well as Ben Affleck's scotch drinking throughout. Learn how to make it.

    Cocktail: L'Amour

    I picked this recipe mainly because of its name, but this beautiful pink drink is blushing with love. Enjoy sipping this refreshing cocktail as you root for this ageless love story. Learn how to make it.

    Cocktail: Swamp Water

    Set in steamy, swampy Louisiana, this im…

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