The 2014 Oscars are almost here! They air this coming Sunday, so get ready by mixing up a few cocktails inspired by some of the Best Picture nominees. So many great movies...and more importantly, so many tasty cocktails pairings. Enjoy!


Russian roulette II
Vodka is mentioned several times in Gravity, so knock a few of these Russian Roulettes back.

American Hustle

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Drink like the Italians and the characters in American Hustle with this sweet Prosecco cocktail

Capt. Phillips


Navigate the rocky seas, like Capt. Phillips did, with this strong South Sea cocktail.

12 Years a Slave

BulleitMintJulep L

Take a trip down to the South with this Mint Julep.

The Wolf of Wall Street

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Pop a few bottles of champagne with the boys of Wall Street.

Dallas Buyers Club

Summer Sangria

Ron orders a bottle of the finest Cabernet at the restaurant with Eve.


Black Tan

Beer is a huge part of this movie because according to Woody Grant "it's not alcohol".

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