I love bartending!

I've been a part time bartender at a club and I also do a lot of custom mixing at home. I've got about $20000 in alcohol at home including some $500 bottles of scotch and more. I've got huge cupboards & cabinets with locks on them to keep kids out and I've got enough to keep a party of 60 people going for the weekend. lol I follow some of the recipes and I like experimenting. I don't often drink much myself and I'm very good at limiting guests on how much they're allowed to drink so they're still able to go home at the end of the night, usually 4 drinks max, unless it's some of the heavy ones like an Irish Car Bomb drop shot, then it's 2. lol Even with the number of people I get over, I haven't had any complaints from neighbours because we keep it tame. Maybe one day I'll get a photo of my bar setup and post it on here.

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