Saint Patrick's Day is an excuse for everyone to wear green and drink. But why not embrace this and do it with style. Add some flair to your cocktails with green color and classic flavors.

So while the corned beef is cooking mix up one of the drinks and their fun colors and flavors are sure to impress.

Irish car bomb
Irish Car Bomb- This is a mixed drink made with three different types of Irish drinks.

Pour the beer into the glass and the fill the shot glass with the Jameson and Bailey's, and when you are ready drop the shot glass into the beer and enjoy.

Black Tan
Black and Tan- The mixing of these two beers creates a great visual and flavor.
  • 1 Part Bass® Pale Ale (or any pale ale)
  • 1 Part Guinness® Stout (again, any stout, but Guinness is usually preferred)

Pour the pale ale in first, then slowly add the stout and it should float on top creating the black and tan effect.

Irish Coffee- Although this shouldn't be consumed every morning this tasty treat is sure to please.

Combine the whiskey, sugar and coffee and then put the cream or whipped cream on top. Do not mix the cream in.

Irish Flag- This patriotic drink is perfect for the holiday!

Pour carefully, in order given, into cordial glass so that each ingredient floats on the preceding without mixing.

Irish Charlie- This green cocktail is simpler and still had the attractive presentation.

Mix the ingredients and serve over ice.

Have fun mixing up your Irish luck and add other cocktail suggestions to the wiki and in the comments. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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