When you order a cocktail at your local bar, one of the last things on your mind is how many calories are in it. However, when you start ordering mixed drinks the calories add up fast! By remembering a few rules, you can still enjoy your favorite recipes without breaking your New Year's resolutions.
  • The Proof- Alcohol with a higher proof contains more calories. For example 1.5 oz.of 80-proof vodka, gin or rum has 97 calories but 100-proof alcohol of the same size has 123 calories.
  • The Mixer- When you order fancy, sweet mixed drinks it is easy to forget what makes them taste so good, Sugar! By using a low calorie mixer like tonic water or club soda you can cut the calories quickly. Plus it may reduce your headache the next morning!
  • Mix it up- In between every drink order a non-alcoholic beverage, like soda water with a twist of lime. Your head and your wallet will thank you later!

With just a couple of changes you can go clubbing without ruining your diet. Who knows- you may decide you like some of these drinks better!

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