After a long day sometimes all you need is a drink. When you walk into your favorite watering hole lately have you seen anything out of the ordinary?

Recently games and other features have been added to bars that aren't part of the classic bar scene. In a recent blog on Gawker, Brian Moylan said these activities annoying and many of them are unsanitary or dangerous. He narrowed it down to six things that he thinks shouldn't be allowed in bars.

Beer Pong is generally associated with colleges, universities and any house that has Greek letters on the front of it. The blog points out that if you can get into a bar then you shouldn't need a game to get you drunk. There was a recent lawsuit in which a man is suing a bar for an injury he got disputing the rules of a beer pong game at a bar.

Mechanical bulls are also the cause of a recent lawsuit. A man sued a bar over a broken bone he received from riding a mechanical bull. I am pretty sure you know the risk when you get on. Due to the presence of alcohoI I don't know if adding bulls into the equation is a good idea.

Body shots are one thing Moylan thinks are completely unsanitary. They are also usually regretted by one of the parties the next morning. Next time you consider doing a body shot, you should think long and hard about what else you could be consuming and who is watching.

Banquette dancing should not be allowed for people under the influence. First of all there is a perfectly nice floor for dancing. Secondly if you are deciding to climb up and dance on a bar table you probably have had too much. So get off of the chair before you fall off of the chair.

Hot tubs are a place for relaxation and that isn't necessarily the atmosphere in a bar setting. Factor in drunk people with hormones and you have a mess. Hot tubs are much more enjoyable in a private setting.

Karaoke is one of those things you either love or you hate. For those who love it there are karaoke bars, but why subject those who don't to one night a week of agony?

So we know Moylan doesn't want to see these things in bars and I agree. But what do you think? Should these things be allowed in bars? And why?

Tell us in the comments section. Cheers!


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