Bourbon-Peached-and-Cream-Popsicles Endless-Simmer
When it is scorching hot outside one of the most refreshing treats is a ... poptail. While some people might finish that sentence with popsicle or cocktail, now they no longer have to chose. You can enjoy your favorite cocktail in popsicle form.

Whether it is a watermelon mojito or a strawberry peach vodka collins there is poptail for you. Quench your thirst with one of Endless Simmer's seven recipes today. The recipes are pretty simple and most of them contain fruit, simple syrup and of course the choice alcohol.

Endless Simmer is going to post one poptail recipe every Wednesday from Memorial Day to Labor Day. So far there are recipes for watermelon mojito, strawberry peach vodka collins, cherry apple whiskey sour, cucumber honeydew margarita, blackberry prosecco, 4th of July cocktail cooler and bourbon peaches and cream.

What are your favorite cocktails that would make delicious poptails? Which of these recipes do you want to try?


Check out more of these poptails!

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