Whiskey in can? Who would have thought you would ever be able to get hard alcohol in a can? Sure we add alcohol to other canned beverages but this is taking it to another level.

In January Scottish Spirits released a 12 ounce can of whiskey which contains the equivalent of 8 shots in it. One article said it is perfect for three people to share and mix with other beverages, but we all know many people will conveniently finish it themselves. It is like a DUI in a can.

Not only is the amount of alcohol in the can shocking but the Scotch and Whiskey Association has come out strongly against this product. They said it would confuse consumers as to what they were buying.

Many feel that it is undermining the personality of the beverage and the reputation of its drinkers.

On their website they promote it saying, " is there any better sound than the of the crack of a beer can being opened after a long day of work? What if that can was filled with something a little stronger than beer, say Whiskey?" The company said they are also reaching out to consumers who take whiskey outdoors and would rather bring a convenient can of whiskey.

With whiskey in a can what will be next? Six packs of Vodka?

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