Just cruising around one of my fave wikias (this one, if you need to ask!) and I suddenly notice that the most recent blog post is nearly a year old (yes, I'm exaggerating... but not by much), which I find amazing; here we are, posting, reading and elaborating on the Great Social Waterhole, yet for the most part we stay completely out of each other's way.

What do we drink? Where do we drink it? With whom... Why the heck are we here? I'm not a bartender... well, professionally anyway, but I have somehow come into an absurd amount of knowledge regarding alcoholic beverages (non-alcoholic too... I can feel you smirking as you read this).

Maybe I'm just blowing hot air; I wasn't joking in my previous post when I said that blogs are not me; I'm not looking for conversation... I just find it odd that we are so... quiet.


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