Aged Rum

When most people think of drinking rum, there generally tends to be a slightly unsophisticated view of rum (darn you Captain Morgan and your partying ways). However, many rum producers are trying to enhance the image of rum. Much like the craft beer movement, rum makers are looking to break away from the shells of the big companies. They are setting out to produce rum with a variety of flavors including - vanilla, chocolate, coffee, butterscotch, nuts, spice, honey, tobacco, caramel, and many others.

One of rums most fearless leaders in this battle is Edward Hamilton. Hamilton runs the fan site Ministry of Rum. He recently told Mark Garrison of Slate that ""Rum is the least understood, most undervalued, and diverse of all the spirits."

Many factors are simultaneously merging to help improve the demand for aged rum - including tourism, the increase in demand for high end cocktails, and the increase in quality.

The good news is that unlike aged scotch or whiskey, aged rum is relatively inexpensive. There is a believe that this is one of the other reasons that the demand has increased for aged rum.

What are your opinions on aged rum? Is it something that you are interested in or do you prefer a different liquor for your cocktails?


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