Vodka drink-949

Generally, you would assume that it would be a bartenders' primary mission to sell as much liquor as possible. However, this doesn't seem to be the case as bartenders recently seem to be fighting against the forces of vodka. Many bartenders and owners are starting to blame vodka for it's lack of pairing possibilities with food. They see vodka and in some regards gin as more of "get-hammered" drinks. Toronto cocktail expert Jen Agg recently wrote a blog called "Vodka is Stupid," in which she railed against the liquor. She stated “A vodka martini ought to be renamed ‘I like being drunk,’ because that is its only purpose."

What do you think about this rage against vodka? Do you think it's silly elitism by cocktail drink creators and bartenders? Why do you think they are even concerned about what liquor they are selling? Please share with us your thoughts and opinions.


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