The Hungover Cookbook

After a long night of cocktails and libations, occasionally one might find themselves waking up in the morning (or the afternoon) and feeling a little bit groggy and dehydrated. A new book has been put out to help us get back into shape after a long night of partying. The book The Hungover Cookbook ' by Milton Crawford is extremely interesting. It groups its' collection of recipes by the type of hangover, for example "Sewing Machine Hangover." Two recipes that will help you no matter what are - Lime Soda and Lemon Lassi.

To produce the Lime Soda: Squeeze juice from 4 limes into 2 pint-sized glasses, add pinch of salt to each glass and top with sparkling mineral water. Add ice, if you like.

To Produce the Lemon Lassi: Mix 2 teaspoons superfine sugar and juice of 1 lemon in small bowl and stir until sugar is absorbed by juice. Transfer to larger bowl and add: zest of 1/2 lemon, 21/4 cups plain natural yogurt, 1/4 cup water and handful of finely crushed ice. Mix thoroughly but not violently with spatula. Serve immediately in tall glasses, garnished with thin slices of lemon.


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