Absinthe Fairy

Ever felt like drinking the magical beverage Absinthe? Well, if you live in France you will once again have the pleasure of chasing the green fairy.

The French government has recently voted to lift the ban on the drink formally. At first glance, this seems like a huge sweeping change, but according to BBC not much has actually changed: "Absinthe was made legal in the rest of the European Union in 1988, provided the amount of thujone falls within the agreed limit of 10mg/kg, or 35mg/kg for absinthe bitters. In France, a decree was passed allowing absinthe to be sold but only if it was not actually called absinthe."

"It was a bizarre situation," says George Rowley, Managing Director of La Fee Absinthe, who - though British - was one of the key people behind the resumption of absinthe production in France."


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