When most people think of Kentucky Fried Chicken, liqueur isn't generally the first thing that comes to their mind. Most tend to think of mashed potatos, green beans, or some delicious chicken. However, leave it to the Kentucky Fried Chickens in China to infused some liquer into the chicken.

Entitled the "Taste of Ireland," - the chicken is specially prepared using an Irish cream liqueur, similar to Bailey's Irish Cream.

Interestingly enough, KFC in China has become more successful in expanding and in business than their American counterparts, which could perhaps explain their willingness to try novelties like this. An ad for this chicken can be seen below.

All I can say is the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants should give this idea a shot. I'd definitely try it. Would you?


KFC China 'Taste of Ireland' Chicken Commercial00:33

KFC China 'Taste of Ireland' Chicken Commercial


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