Aged Barrels

Most people who are fans of bourbon probably rarely think of the life of the barrels that their bourbon comes in. However, many of these barrels go through long and interesting journeys. People are even starting to find more creative uses for this barrels long after they have stopped being used for whiskey purposes.

Some people decide to simply use the barrels as containers for other objects - like beer and fish sauce. Occasionally these barrels end up as part of the chips in a smoker.

Over at Tasting Table, they traced the life of four barrels - one from Heaven Hill, Tuthilltown, Pappy Van Winkle, and Woodford Reserve - and created this interesting graph to show just some of the possibilities for re-purposed barrels.

Aged Barrels

So next time you are drinking a Bourbon and Branch, just think of the possibilities of where that barrel might be.

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